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Susanne Battegay

Portfolio Manager

Driven by a passion for precision and excellence, Susanne Battegay embarked on her financial journey in 1994 as a Senior Securities Trader at BSI Lugano, specializing in diverse asset classes. Transitioning to Credit Suisse Zurich, she excelled as an Investment Consultant for both corporate and private clients before assuming the role of Relationship Manager for Key Clients, a position she held for over a decade. Throughout her tenure, Susanne garnered accolades for her strategic guidance and client-focused approach.

Presently, as a Portfolio Manager at MWC Group, Susanne brings her wealth of experience to the forefront, spearheading Market Research and Analysis, Asset Allocation, Portfolio Construction, Risk Management, and Client Communication and Reporting for the Asset Management services.

Susanne's journey is emblematic of her relentless pursuit of excellence, marked by a steadfast dedication to delivering optimal financial solutions and driving client success.

In her spare time, she enjoys Road and Gravel Biking.

Susanne Battegay
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