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Joseph Sleep

Financial Planner & Investment Adviser

Joseph moved to Switzerland in March 2017 on a training program to develop the necessary skills and knowledge to become a qualified Financial Adviser. Originally from the UK, he previously worked in the finance department of a Franchise Car Dealership. Joining the team of Associates in 2018, Joseph supported the Financial Planning function to deliver excellent client service whilst learning from the experienced team on a day-to-day basis.


In February 2023, after his 6 years of training and development, he started his new role as a Financial Planner and Investment Adviser. He has a true passion for the job, providing holistic financial advice to help clients achieve their financial goals whilst ensuring they receive a second to none service in the process.


A keen car enthusiast, he thoroughly enjoys motorsport events such as the Goodwood Road Racing Club and the annual 24hr LeMans race. He is also a Music lover, a collector of Vinyl and regularly attends concerts and music festivals. He likes to make sure that some time is left for keeping fit at his local health club.

Joseph Sleep
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