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Gabriel Grassi

Financial Operations, Investment Research Specialist

Gabriel began his career with MWC Company in January 2022 as a paraplanner while completing his university studies. He graduated from the University of Malta in 2023, earning a Bachelor of Commerce with majors in Banking & Finance and Insurance & Risk Management. Originally from Brazil, he now excels as a Financial Operations and Investment Research Specialist, where he leverages his keen interest in geopolitics to analyse the impact of global events on financial markets.


In his leisure time, He enjoys following motorsports and also engages in bodybuilding and chess, activities he believes offer valuable lessons in discipline, strategy, and patience, which are directly applicable and beneficial in his analytical work on the markets. These pursuits not only enrich his personal life but also enhance his professional acumen, allowing him to approach market analysis with a unique and insightful perspective.

Gabriel Grassi
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